Slovakia 1938-1945

From autumn 1938 till spring 1945 regime of Hlinka Slovak People's Party (HSĽS; members of the party were called “Ľudáci” = Ľudáks) ruled Slovakia. During the initial period, the period of autonomy of Slovakia within Czechoslovak Republic (October 6, 1938 - March 14, 1939), Ľudáks destroyed the democracy and introduced the totalitarian regime which limited basic civil and human rights in Slovakia. Ľudák regime, led by Jozef Tiso persecuted Jews living at the Slovak territory from its very beginning.  They declared their intention conduct anti-Jewish policy according to Nazi Germany model in October 1938.
On March 14, 1939 an independent Slovak state was declared in Bratislava. Following the adoption of its Constitution (September 1939) this state was officially called the Slovak Republic. Anti-Jewish policy was the state doctrine in Slovak Republic and one of the main focus of his internal policy until the fall of the Hlinka Slovak People's Party regime in the spring of 1945. As a result of decisions and actions of Ľudák politicians some 70,000 Jews who lived in the territory of Slovakia of those days were killed.