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Holocaust Documentation Centre (DSH) is a partner organization of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia. DSH was established in November 2005. Its goals, objectives and activities were built upon the results and overall concept of the eponymous project jointly implemented since 1999 with the Milan Šimečka Foundation and Jewish community in Bratislava. The main tasks of the Holocaust Doc...

Slovakia 1938-1945

From autumn 1938 till spring 1945 regime of Hlinka Slovak People's Party (HSĽS; members of the party were called “Ľudáci” = Ľudáks) ruled Slovakia. During the initial period, the period of autonomy of Slovakia within Czechoslovak Republic (October 6, 1938 - March 14, 1939), Ľudáks destroyed the democracy and introduced the totalitarian regime which limited basic civil and human rights in Slov...
The Holocaust Documentation Centre published several academic publications on the topic of Holocaust since its creation in 2005. Besides academic monographs (of various authors) HDC issued several volumes of the edition of documents Holokaust na Slovensku (The Holocaust in Slovakia), as well as several academic anthologies. Publishing of various titles on the topic of Holocaust is important activity of our Centre. Here is the preview of some of the titles published by HDC during previous years. Some of them are available for download from our web-site.

Príbehy o židovskej identite (Stories about Jewish Identity)

The translation of book of Éva Kovács and Júlia Vajda: Mutatkozás. Zsidó Identitás Történetek.
Authors: Éva Kovács, Júlia Vajda
Year of publishing: 2013
Language: Slovak
Publisher: Dokumentačné stredisko holokaustu
Published with the financial support of EZRA Foundation and the Government Office of Slovak Republic.
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